The Male Ego

Why Men Are A Hassle To Deal With.

Men! We Can’t Live With Them And we can’t live with out them. Why do they have to be so complicated and difficult. They talk about us women being confusing yet they have no clue what they want half the time.
Today I would like to talk about how to please and satisfy your boyfriend, husband, or companion. It’s not the easiest thing to do but I will tackle this subject effectively.

What Do They Want.

Guys, whether they admit it or not, ultimately want to be pampered. It’s the truth. They Like attention whether they admit it or not.
They like to be fed, massaged, rubbed and of course the like to be spoiled in bed. Actually kind of sounds quite like a dog, ha ha.
Seriously tho, they want to be appreciated and they want to feel as if they are the alpha male at home.

Men have these alpha male instincts that kick in every now and then. Women it is our job to make them feels as if they are the alpha
male in our relationship. They take pride in knowing that they take care of their woman and that they support the household. I know it’s kind of a
dumb thing but it’s the truth. So the quickest way to making him feel satisfied is making him feel like the “MAN”. Make him feel strong and superior
and you will undoubtedly, with out him even noticing, make him become obsessed with you.

Stroking their….Ego

Every now and then it’s good to stoke his….ego. Come on ladies let’s keep it clean here. But we can talk some dirty talk here. Back to the
topic, stroking his ego is a sure way to make him fall for you. Stroking a males ego is like being called beautiful, sexy, or gorgeous for a female.
We love those compliments especially when coming from our man. So you can bet they love when they’re ego is stroked by their significant other.
It’s an easy thing to do and it can be quite fun if you add a little sarcasm in there. I’ll Give you some examples.

male ego

Here’s one of my favorites. Let’s say he just cut the grass. I’ll say something like “OMG babe the lawn looks so much better, it really gives
the house a more clean look. You’re so neat and precise when you cut that grass babe”. See even something as dumb as that compliment will have him thinking that he’s
the worlds best lawn cutter, ha ha. Here’s another. This time he just got done grilling. You can say something like ” Wow baby these ribs are absolutely amazing,
they have to be the best ribs I’ve ever eaten before. What’s the secret here. You have to teach me”. Bam right there he’ll feel like a pro chef and the best part is
he’ll want to cook more often.

Stroking his ego is an easy and effortless thing to do and it pays major dividends. You also have to be a little careful with this technique tho, you don’t want
him feeling like he’s too good for us. Stroking that ego must be done every now and then, If your man is already cocky well then this method is even super effective.
Why is that you ask? Well if you are paying him compliments, then all you’re doing is re affirming the thoughts in his own mind. You are reassuring him, essentially
repeating whatever it is that he says to him self. Just Be careful as I said before and try not to over use this technique.


Men aren’t to hard of creatures to get to fall in love with you. If you pay attention and study yours, then it’s a no brainer and can be done quite easily.
You just have to use that perfect touch of compliments,spoiling, and attention. Try doing activities they enjoy doing. Remember, everything should be done in moderation
too much of anything is to bad for anyone, especially men. So ladies gear up, stock your arsenal and get ready for some decent and smooth warfare. I know that with the
tips mentioned above you can conquer any man. Thank you and take it easy.